99H99, 2017 / Objets Rituels series

Priced on request

Looking glass
Painted metal, wood, cement, sandblasted mirror.
H : 190 X 50 cm

This ritual is to be realized in a state of bad mood.
By looking at the mirror, the reflection makes it possible to appreciate the present state of mind. It also has the advantage of emphasizing the fact that the mind influences the body and thus, that the body influences the mind.
Symbolized by the featured drawing, this rite consists in mechanically smiling in order to act on the body by enabling the influence of an emotional state.
The length of action is relative to the initial state of mind, this posture may be maintained until the appearance of amelioration symptoms. No limit of participants.

Ritual objects are household objects that have not been sanctified and do not belong to a sanctuary but are used in religious rites. In a broader sense, a ritual is a practice performed with precision and care in a given context. Usually more experienced than thought, these traditions are part of the richness of human existence. Whatever one may think of religions, domestic objects do influence the way our rites and habits work. This impalpable link is used here to draw the contour of new rituals adapted to current beliefs. By relying on common notions of happiness such as gazing at the stars, taking time for oneself or looking at each other smiling, these rites take shape through objects in order to enter more easily into our daily life. These diverse devices all have a form and a function that guide the gesture to produce a specific act in a given situation. The textures and effects of materials have been thought around the symbolism of colors. A golden tone touches on each ritual to recall its sacredness. Whether casual or daily, they provide the user with a change of state before and after the ceremony.