ANITYA DUKKHA, 2015 / Japa series

Priced on request

Floor lamp
Painted metal, beech wood, cement.
H : 180 X 30 X 58 cm

« Anitya » refers to impermanence or to the fact that everything is constantly changing, that there is nothing permanent. Our desires are also subject to this phenomenon, so we cannot be satisfied ultimately and definitively. « Dukkha » refers to the suffering associated with this. In the same way as this mechanism, we are moved by the imbalance between what we have and what we want. This floor lamp, consisting of perforated discs mounted on an axle, is assembled with a series of gears in order for each disc to rotate to rotate in the opposite direction to its neighbour. Its use consists in creating an imbalance on the pendulum which composes it in order to start the system rotation. The greatest weight causes the rotation. The light, passing only through the holes of the rotating disks, begins to scintillate.

This furniture series has been designed in such a way that the use illustrates a truth. Repeated daily, it invites us to reflect on the meaning it conveys. Japa is a hindu technique based on the mechanical repetition of a divine name or a mantra so as to enter into meditation. Japa can be done aloud, in a low voice, silently mouthing the words or mentally. Specialists consider purely mental japa to be the most effective. If we can concentrate all our attention and imagine the ideal to which the repeated element corresponds, then we can find some answers to the questions we are asking ourselves. To put away a book, to adjust the lighting in a room or to sit down on a chair are examples of uses that we repeat and which could serve as a starting point for reflection.