Dog Biscuit Ceremony Set, 2020

Priced on request

Ceremonial tableware
Glazed clay, Gold

A true total art, the tea ceremony is one of the rituals that represent man in his most poetic aspect. This combination of gestures and objects comes to life in a harmonious movement and celebrates hospitality. This performative and aesthetic act, relating as much to the object as to the gesture that accompanies it, inspired this set of ceramics. A combination designed for a ceremony for a most surprising guest, the dog. A faithful companion of man, there are more than 500 million worldwide. Whether hunter, rescuer, therapist, guide or even explorer, this animal accompanies man with complete devotion. A strong bond which reveals a certain dependence between these two species. Dog biscuit ceremony is a protocol of hospitality that echoes one of the most beautiful human rituals, celebrating the relationship between man and dog. A generous and humorous set that offers to discover a palette of utensils for serving a bowl of kibble. A precise ceremonial, each movement of which has been coded to respond to the corresponding instrument. A complete work around the gesture and the object which pays homage to the solid bond which connects the world of men to that of dogs.