MEFELISEFI, 2018 / Open Room 102 series

Work carried out during an artistic residency in the village of Lalibella (Ethiopia)

Priced on request

Painted metal, wood, used tank
H : 90 X 96 X 60 cm

Similar to a table with drawers, this office table is before everything a place to study. It is very different from a dining table as it calls for intellectual activity, reflexion and theoretical practise. Furthermore, the footstool brings the necessary comfort to rest the physical activity of the body and devote oneself fully to the thinking exercise.

Open Room 102 is a set of office furniture composed by a desk, a portable lamp and a library. These three items are intended to be placed in a room in order to inspire intellectual activity and creative thinking. This set was created in the context of a residency established in the village of Lalibela, northern Ethiopia.In way of building the foundation of an independent workshop, this series served as a practical exercise for participants, who received plans, tools and techniques for free during this exchange. Each creation has been thoroughly thought and built with local materials and simple techniques in order to be easily reproduced on site. More to improving the daily life by making its participants autonomous, the design and manufacturing process of Open Room 102 deals with a meaningful topic in a country where education is an ideal for a large part of the population.