PALM, 2021 / Oasis series

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Artificial ceramic, tergal, glass, patinated concrete
H : 190 X 50 cm

The first plant layer of the oasis, Palm adjusts the sun’s radiation to help maintain the freshness needed for subsequent layers.

Deprived of vegetation, hostile to the slightest form of life, permanently exposed to a blazing sun and swept by drying winds, the desert is an extreme environment. Mystical place of flight, the desert does not stimulate the imagination, but in this place where there is nothing, it is the thought that is severely tested. An experience that reveals to the one who returns from it a subtle link between a physical and psychological desert. Desert of sand or desert life it can be very far or very close. In a daily life deprived of meaning, orchestrated by a mechanism that rejects free will to impose beliefs oriented by fears, benchmarks are erased and sensations are evicted, he disrupts the path and dispels the goal. Shaken by mirages, the meaning of life dissolves to in turn become deserted and absurd. The oasis, illusion or reality, suddenly seems to take shape in this chaotic landscape. A natural mechanism that reassures and offers a fertile climate to meet. A refuge whose particular structure surprises and reassures. A well-orchestrated mechanism that offers abundance in an environment where nothing comes to life. Obtained by a symbiosis of three plant layers, the highest, that of the date palm, opens like a parasol in this environment where the sun is terrible. In the shade of this canopy grows fruit trees which, in addition to offering generous fruit, protect the last layer, which is occupied by a varied garden where cereals and vegetables grow.

Playing with these associations, the Oasis series suggests a reflection on a sometimes desert existence where mirages and realities merge. A poetry through the object that takes the systemic form of an oasis and mimics the different layers that compose it. Table, light fixture and rugs enter the dining room like a mirage that amazes with blurred colors and materials. A setting conducive to moments of sharing which, like the source of water, remains the essential element in the birth of this Oasis.