Stoop, 2016 / In Front series

Priced on request

Vinyl, painted metal, wood.
H : 115 X 100 X 110 cm

Its name refers to the external staircase, which gives access to the entrance of a building. Traditionally found in Northern countries, they would attach a mark of nobility and a sign of power to the dwelling they adorned. Conversely, Stoop is a popular seat, inspired by the life in some of New York’s districts. It offers an identical point of view to all its users, a gaze turned towards the street and its encounters.

This series was designed with the goal to invite people to reconsider their doorsteps. By creating a framework for new experiments, it attempts to make them more sociable. Too private to be more than a place of passage and too public to be considered by its inhabitants, the area surrounding our entrance doors can nevertheless be stage where individual and collective spaces meet. In many cultures this frontier brings together these two worlds. Whether it is to work, to relax or to meet new people, doorsteps are living spaces open to the outside. Each piece evokes uses and habits encountered on the doorsteps of a different cultures.