Collaborative work with The Natural Studio, during an artistic residency in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Coton,  Polyethylene canvas
H : 150 X 150 cm

Price on request


Doing better with less, starting from little you have to think of a useful, functional and future-proof object. Here, cans become cars for children and cans are transformed into storage boxes, in African families everyday life is improving thanks to the culture of the art of « bricolage« . It was in Ethiopia in the city of Addis Ababa that they met this designer duo. Both on a long road, one had traveled the world from Chos Malal, a small town at the gates of Patagonia, and the other had left French Auvergne to explore the roads of East Africa. An experience for everyone that allowed them to forge a common bond around African ingenuity. The Natural Studio and the Design Social Club thus wanted to combine their skills to jointly approach the art of resourcefulness in a work at the heart of a theme that connects them, travel.

Super Pancho is an elementary piece of luggage that provides transport and protection for the traveler, a reliable and secure traveling companion. A bag designed as a combination of folds which, with the help of a central cross, offers a simple construction principle which allows the container to be adapted to the contents. While retaining a traditional backpack functionality, it can thus contain large volumes or smaller. This subtle origami game provides a tight volume suitable for what it carries. Once unfolded, the bag becomes a protective canvas. Lying on the ground, the latter protects from moisture, stretched between two supports it hides from the sun and the wind, dressed like a cape it protects from the rain. An essential tool for adapting because travel sometimes takes you to experience the natural world outside the protections of our cities. A climatic reality that is imposed on the African continent as in many regions of the world and which all travelers have already experienced. A functional and easy to produce principle that also supports a social value by wanting to be free of rights. The plans can thus be viewed and modified by anyone across the world.

Super Pancho is above all a constructive principle transforming a simple canvas into an ingenious tool that invites the most modest of trips. An elementary baggage within the reach of anyone who aspires to leave. Inexpensive Materials are assembled around a radical design that expresses raw beauty, leaving the cuts, seams and assemblies felt. This duo of designers offers to discover a wild design in the spirit of « Do It Yourself« , an invitation to travel expressed in a constructive, aesthetic, functional and poetic principle.